Mortgage Mayhem!

The question I get asked the most by new buyers is “How am I going to finance this purchase?“. I think it’s the thought of acquiring a mortgage that scares first time buyers the most and people often think that there are only a select variety of financing options for them that require huge sums of money down. That’s not the case at all. In fact, there are numerous mortgage options out there that are specifically designed for first time buyers, people with less than perfect credit, or people without a huge downpayment.

Your first step when you begin to look for a home is to contact a trusted, reliable REALTOR® (not just an agent) and discuss with them your unique needs and wants. They will be able to assist you with pinpointing what it is your looking for and they will set you up on their search platform and will begin sending you available listings so you can get an idea of what is available on the market.

Your next step is to get pre-qualified from a lender. Your agent will most likely have a recommendation on a lender for you to use but do do your research and compare the rates between various lending institutions before you select the right lender for you. Speaking with the lender, you’ll set a budget for your monthly payment which will help your realtor narrow down the search parameters.

For more information on lending options and to try out our mortgage calculator, visit HomeServices Lending and play around with your lending options to see what options or best suited for you!

Want a home buyer guide mailed to your house? Contact me with your address and I’ll send it out to you. Please call/text/email me with all your real estate questions and needs! (602)430-3206 |

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