7 Reasons to List your Home During the Holidays

Serious Buyers

During the Holidays, the buyers that do come onto the market are very serious about purchasing a home. They understand that there are fewer homes on the market at this time and that they need to make moves quickly when they do find a home that they like.

Less Competition

During this time there is much less competition from other sellers which means that you could get top dollar for your home because there is less of a supply of homes available for buyers to choose from.

Housing Supply Increases After Holidays

After the holidays, the majority of people become ready to list their homes and therefore buyers have a much larger supply of inventory on the market. This means that they have a better chance of negotiating prices down with sellers due to their ability to easily go somewhere else.

Your Home Shows Better During the Holidays

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights and decorations, especially when you’re not the one that has to take them down after the holidays! Buyers love to see homes that are well decorated, keep the inside nice and clean but have a little fun with pops of color and exterior props and lights to bring the holiday spirit together.

More Time to Look for Properties

During the holidays, people have more time to look for properties than they normally would during other times of the year. Business tends to be slower in many industries during this time which allows for many people to able to view homes at times that they may have previously been unavailable.

You Remain in Control

Because it’s the holidays and people do tend to have more time available to look for homes,  you remain in control over what times people can and cannot view your property.

You Have Time to Find a New Home

Because the Holidays come with obligations to be with family they are less likely to just up and move during the holidays even if they do purchase during that time. You will be able to negotiate 1 or even 2 months before you are to give the keys to the buyer giving you plenty of time to find a new place to call home!

Diagram provided by TomFerry.com



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